2013 Environment Commission Members -New Members for 2014 are Currently Being Sought.

The Environment Commission is made up of 10 community volunteers, 1 First Nations representative, 1 representative from the CVRD Economic Development committee, and 3 Directors from the CVRD. The community members that volunteer their time to sit on the CVRD's Environment Commission come from a wide range of backgrounds (biologists, community developers, organic farmers, economists), and represent a broad spectrum of interests, perspectives and viewpoints.

Roger Hart - A professional engineer who has worked as a senior college administrator and a university professor, and has provided professional services in economic development advice. Roger is a strong advocate of watershed stewardship, conservation and smart development in the Cowichan Valley. Currently the Chair of the Communications sub-committee and representative of the Environment Commission to the Economic Development Commission.

Lynn Wilson - A planner by profession, Lynn holds a Masters of Public Administration, a Master of Arts in Community and Regional Planning, and a Master of Arts in Parks and Recreation Administration. She has a special interest in parks and protected areas, as well as conservation, land use and sustainability issues. Member of the Communications sub-committee.

Sophy Roberge - Holding a Bachelor in Business Administration, Sophy is currently the Marketing and Public Relations Manager for five "Return It' Centres on the Island. With strong skills in leadership and solving environmental concerns, she brings her experience with recycling and improvements we can make in our environment to the commission. Member of the Solid Waste sub-committee.

Judy Stafford - Executive Director of Cowichan Green Community, whose mandate is environmental sustainability for the Cowichan Valley, focusing on food security. Judy has a strong interest in agriculture in the Cowichan Valley and works to increase the availability of community gardens. Currently the Environment Commission representative on the CVRD Agricultural Commission.

Pete Keber - A director in the BC Chamber of Commerce, involved in an alternative energy task force, and specializes in peak oil, climate change and food issues on Vancouver Island. Currently the chair of the Emerging Issues sub-committee, and alternative rep on the CVRD Agricultural Commission.

Janna Jorgensen - An organizational leadership consultant and Executive Director in the not-for-profit sector, Janna holds a Master of Arts in Leadership and a Bachelor of Science in Biology. Janna is the Vice-Chair of the Commission and co-chairs the sub-committee charged with collaboratively developing the Regional Environmental Strategic Plan along with Kate Miller, Manager, Environmental Services.

Scott Akenhead was born and raised on Vancouver Island and trained as an ecologist at UBC and Dalhousie. He worked for 15 years as a marine biologist for DFO in Newfoundland, then applied his analytical skills on this coast as a consultant delivering projects on regional sustainability and green buildings. Scott lives on the beach in North Oyster (Area H) and is currently working on sockeye salmon ecology. Currently a member of the Solid Waste and SOER sub-committees.

Maura Walker - an environmental planner with an expertise in solid waste management with over twenty years of experience, much of it with local governments. She is an experienced project manager and co-ordinator with extensive knowledge of environmental, social and sustainability issues. Currently Chair of the Solid Waste Sub-Committee.

Jennifer Rowell - Holding an M. Sc. in Civil Engineering (Engineering for the Environment Program), Jennifer has designed and implemented water, wastewater, and stormwater monitoring programs, conducted environmental impact assessments, analyzed and interpreted ecological data, and coordinated the bioremediation of contaminated soil. She is passionate about multi-disciplinary approaches to environmental and watershed management, wetlands and hands-on environmental education. She is a member of the Emerging Issues sub-committee.

Priscilla Brewer is a Certified Horticultural Technician, multi award winning Landscape Designer, and avid, year-round, organic food gardener. She enthusiastically teaches hands-on, educational workshops with a strong focus on reducing our ecological footprints, promoting the use of native plants in the landscape, and growing food sustainably in our community. Priscilla is a member of the Communications sub-committee.


Larry George - representing Cowichan Tribes

Roger Hart - member of the CVRD Economic Development Commission

CVRD Directors

Jon Lefebure - Mayor of Municipality of North Cowichan, Chair of the Environment Commission

Loren Duncan - Electoral Area E Director

Mel Dorey - Electoral Area G Director

Past Members

A warm thank you to out-going members of 2012: Rodger Hunter, Roger Wiles, Dave Polster and Justin Straker for their time and effort given to further environmental interests in the Cowichan Valley. It has been much appreciated.