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The Environment Commission is always looking for input from the community. If you have something that you want to talk about with us, please send us an or a letter. If you want to come to our committee meeting to make a presentation or ask some questions, fill out this “How to be a delegation” form. And you can always ask us to come talk to your group or organization by or calling us at 250-746-2500.

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Mark Lakeman - Founder of the City Repair project in Portland, Oregon.

Portland has become the leader of sustainable cities in the US, with the most bicycles and bicycle paths per capita, greatest decrease in car usage, and extraordinary engagement of people in neighbourhoods.

Mark Lakeham gave an inspiring presentation on June 21, 2012, at the Environment Commission meeting on the incredible changes that can be made in sustainability with community and neighbourhood communication and engagement. These topics are explored with special attention to sustainability and sensitivity to ecological systems and are informed through Mark’s experience with local communities..

Click here to view Mark's presentation and learn about the remarkable work that Lakeman and his organization have done in Portland to transform city areas into vibrant communities, and to think about the possibilities for Vancouver Island.