#1a Get real about climate change.

A very comprehensive description of a century of climate change here in BC (dated 2002) can be found here. This is also where you will find the Province of British Columbia's official climate change policy page.

Much has been made about a very few* errors in the latest international synthesis of climate science, the 4th Assessment of the Intergovernmental Panel on climate Change (IPCC-IV). These have been found in forward-looking parts of the multi-volume, 4000 page Assessment, not in the section that details the many ways in which our climate is already changing, and the strong evidence linking those changes to human activity. But check out the evidence for yourself!

  • For links to everything IPCC, including an archive of its climate assessments going back to 1997, visit its website here.
  • Harvard University maintains this site with direct links to download all or parts of the IPCC-IV - click here.
  • This 2008 report by the university-based Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions (PICS) gives a good overview of the climate changes most likely to impact BC, and suggests some ways to adapt to those changes.
  • The Fraser Basin Council and Provincial Ministry of the Environment maintain a clearing-house for climate change responses here.
  • Check out Jim Hoggan's desmogblog here. Jim just wrote the bestselling public policy book on Amazon called Climate Coverup and his blog is dedicated to talking on climate change deniers and has some excellent material.
  • Also there is a very recent 2009 report out of the US which has up-to-date material on climate change and has predictions for climate impacts in the Northwest. Click here to view it.
  • The link to the climate and energy section of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development is here.
  • For a scientific perspective on these, click on this link.

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