#4a Do business smarter - The Green Economy

Sustainable tourism in its purest sense is an industry which attempts to make a low impact on the environment and local culture, while helping to generate income, employment, and the conservation of local ecosystems.

Tourism is an important emerging economic activity in the Cowichan Region. It is responsible tourism that is both ecologically and culturally sensitive.

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  • Eco-tourism or visit the Global Development Research Center for green economy ideas.
  • Forest Innovation Investment's mandate is to support an environmentally sustainable and prosperous forest economy in British Columbia. Supporting the BC forest economy is important because forestry sustains hundreds of communities across the province and about 240,000 direct and indirect jobs. A healthy forest economy means a strong and growing BC.
  • Economic Implications of a Biologically Sustainable Environment OFFCOURSE: 'Restoring Balance between Canadian Society and the Environment by Duncan M. Taylor (1994) The current structural difficulties of either market-driven or state-controlled economies raise doubts about their capability to achieve sustainable economic development. The triad of deficits, debts, and inflation continues to bedevil the global economy, which functions solely in terms of the expansionist world view. This triad is wreaking havoc throughout the Third World and threatens Canada's own longer term prospects. From a systems perspective, this is a manifestation of increasing perturbations throughout the global system - the triad comprises interacting positive feedback processes that are accelerating the destabilization of national economies everywhere. The situation will worsen as the environment itself becomes part of the syndrome.

    Given our destructive resource practices, Canadians will have to repair the massive damage by engaging in restoration forestry, agriculture, and fisheries. "Restoration" means the restitution of these sectors, as nearly as possible, to their original biospheric state in terms of their biological productivity, biodiversity, and ability to absorb and recycle wastes. Federal and provincial governments must launch programs that work hand in hand with communities and individuals to restructure resource-based industries to maintain and enhance the natural capital of theses sectors.

    NOTE: It is apparent there is still a lot of work to be done and it is 15 years since this book was published.