Food security matters and we have fantastic farmland here.

Support local agriculture! We believe agriculture in the Cowichan Valley is an asset to value, protect and enjoy. People interested in eating well recognize that in the Cowichan Valley we have an abundance of fruits, vegetables and livestock and a variety of microclimates.

Sustainable local agriculture allows our money to stay in our community, incorporates a healthy life-style, leads to fresh, whole foods for everyone, is an asset to tourism, and a great economic booster!

Food security means all members of our community at all times have access to nutritious, safe, environmentally sustainable, and culturally acceptable and accessible food obtained through normal distribution routes. For food security to exist, local farmers and food producers must be economically viable.

Supporting our local food producers is an important component of becoming a more food secure community. The following are some links that provide more information and resources.

  • Island Farm Fresh: A grower's E-Guide provides a variety of information from what's in season, farmer's market listings, farm gate listings, and a farm listings. (click here)
  • Cowichan Green Community: This local non-profit environmental organization is the community lead on Food Security for the Cowichan Valley. Check the resources page for more links. (click here)
  • Island Farmer's Alliance: The Island Farmer's Alliance mission is to ensure the sustainability and growth of the Island agriculture and to strengthen unity among Island producers. (click here)
  • Cowichan Agricultural Society: A local agriculture organization with a diverse membership of local farmers. Monthly meetings are held, contact Graham Myers, President 250-709-5331. (click here)
  • Organic Islands: An organic farm listing, community listings, and information on their annual Organic Festival. (click here)
  • Vancouver Island Diet: A local site dedicated to promoting eating a Vancouver Island diet; find resources, information, a farm directory, and a discussion forum. (click here)
  • Buy BC Wild: Information regarding Wild Food initiatives, products, events such as Shop the Wild event in October, other resources, and a Buy BC Wild directory. (click here)
  • Economic Development Cowichan: Currently developing an Agriculture Plan (click here to view.) Over the past 15 years the vineyards producing wine growing grapes have climbed to more than 30 with ten operational wineries and a cider producer. (click here).