Restore and protect valuable habitat and ecosystems.

The Cowichan Region is one of the most biologically diverse and productive areas in Canada. This region consists of a complex mosaic of bio-geoclimatic zones and species - some found nowhere else on the planet.

This rich biodiversity helps lend stability and resilience to component ecological communities.

For the past 12,000 years this 'natural environment' has supported highly developed human cultures.

We acknowledge that this dynamic natural environment has been degraded and its equilibrium put at risk by human activities.

We recognize human dependence on biological systems and pledge to preserve, protect, and restore the natural environment of the Region.

These interventions are vital to regional sustainability.

Information Links:

  • International Year of Biodiversity - Throughout the year countless initiatives will be organized to disseminate information, promote the protection of biodiversity and encourage organizations, institutions, companies and individuals to take direct action to reduce the constant loss of biological diversity worldwide.
  • Environment Canada - Biodiversity - This section focuses on Environment Canada's role in conserving biodiversity through habitat protection and other means.
  • Fisheries and Oceans Canada (Pacific Region) - Their mission is to deliver to Canadians the following outcomes: Safe and Accessible Waterways; Healthy and Productive Aquatic Ecosystems; and Sustainable Fisheries and Aquaculture.
  • Canadian Biodiversity Information Network - Environment Canada's mandate is to preserve and enhance the quality of the natural environment; conserve Canada's renewable resources; conserve and protect Canada's water resources; forecast weather and environmental change; enforce rules relating to boundary waters; and coordinate environmental policies and programs for the federal government.
  • BC Conservation Data Centre Home - Providing information on species and ecosystems at risk
  • BC Endangered Species & Ecosystems - This site is a gateway to information about endangered species and ecological communities (ecosystems) in BC.
  • BC Biodiversity Information Resources, e-Library - a searchable catalogue that provides access to a broad range of environmental and natural resource information for B.C., including publications on species and the habitats in which they live.
  • BC Sensitive Ecosystem Inventories (SEI) - A Sensitive Ecosystems Inventory (SEI) systematically identifies and maps rare and fragile ecosystems in a given area.
  • BC Species & Ecosystems Search - a source for authoritative conservation information on approximately 6000 plants and animals, and almost 600 ecological communities (ecosystems) in British Columbia.
  • BC Wildlife Species Inventory - Wildlife species inventories include all surveys undertaken to determine the presence or abundance of any wildlife species.
  • BC Biogeoclimatic Ecosystem Classifications (BEC) - Whatever the future climate, land managers will remain interested in understanding “what grows where and how well” to properly manage the diversity of ecosystems and ecosystem services within BC.
  • BC Marine Ecological Classifications (BCMEC) - The BCMEC has been developed for marine and coastal planning, resource management and a Provincial marine protected areas strategy.
  • BC Environmental Stewardship Division - British Columbia occupies 95 million hectares, with a diverse physiography, climate, flora and fauna and over 1138 species of vertebrates and 250 species of birds.
  • Biodiversity & Forest Management in BC - provides current and feasible examples of Indicators used to assess the effects of forest practices on biodiversity

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