Conserve wherever possible and produce your own power.

Our modern lives are fuelled by cheap energy, and without it we would be lost. Saving as much energy as possible and becoming more efficient is critical if we want to bequeath a legacy to our children that includes a reliable supply of energy.

This valuable resource comes from a multitude of sources, some of which are not renewable .

We all rely on energy for our daily activities such as driving, working, creating, heating and powering our homes. We can’t rid our lives of energy completely, so we have to use it more efficiently. By being energy smart, we are fostering a commitment to use this valuable resource wisely. By reducing demand and developing renewable sources of energy, we are reducing vulnerability, increasing energy resiliency, building a conservation based community, and saving energy and money. 

There are many ways to save energy now and ensure our future energy resources.  The following are websites to help you find out more information:

In our homes:

  • Livesmart BC at Home: A Province of BC initiative identifying free tips, incentives and rebates on how to increase energy efficiency at home. (click here)
  • BC Hydro: Features the Power Smart program and a Guides and Tips section on reducing energy consumption.  (click here)
  • EcoEnergy: A program identifying renewable sources of energy, retrofit grant programs and more under the EcoAction program of Natural Resources Canada. (click here)

In how we drive (transportation):

  • LiveSmart BC on the Road: Provides information on how to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from driving and how to start an idling reduction campaign. (click here)
  • Check out tips from Auto tips. (click here)

At work:

  • LiveSmart BC at Work: Part of LiveSmart BC with an emphasis on improving energy efficiency at the workplace. (click here)
  • Check out tips from the City of Calgary: (click here

What we eat:

  • Check out tips for low energy cooking (click here)
  • Consider eating more locally produced food and save energy – Check out the Eat Locally page of the Sustainable Cowichan website. (click here)

By investing in renewable sources of energy and clean technology:

  • Visit Economic Development Cowichan’s website and learn more about the Clean Technology sector in the Cowichan Region.  (click here)
  • Town of Ladysmith Energy Plan (click here)