Put people, jobs and transportation closer together.

Good planning is an alternative to urban sprawl, traffic congestion, disconnected neighbourhoods, and urban decay.

Sound planning principles can chart a course that will lead a community toward a sustainable future.

Good long term planning can result in healthy, sustainable communities by providing future opportunities for complete, vibrant village areas, with opportunities to live, work and play within the same community.

Resilient and complete rural communities are centred around pedestrian and bicycle friendly villages or town centres where a diverse variety of small scale commercial retail services, institutional uses, and residential uses are clustered. These centres function as community focal points and play important economic, social, cultural, and recreational roles in the life of these areas.

At the same time, the rural lands surrounding the community are preserved for this and future generations – resource lands remain unfragmented, environmentally sensitive areas protected, and less pollution is generated by way of automobile dependence, not to mention lower costs associated with services deliveries into rural areas.